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Xpel Prime Window Tints

Lifetime Warranty on Window Tinting

Peace of mind comes standard with every tint at Coolaz Tint & Protection. We're proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on our window tinting services. This covers any defects in film and workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle. It's our commitment to quality and your assurance of a job well done. Choose us for a worry-free, top-quality tinting experience.


Window tinting prices are often influenced by several factors, one of which is the size of the vehicle. Vehicles come in various sizes and shapes, and as a result, they have different amounts of window space to cover.


Compact Cars, Hatchbacks, Single Cab Utes

In the small vehicle category, we have compact cars and hatchbacks. These vehicles, due to their smaller size, have less window space to cover. Hence, they generally require fewer materials and less time to tint, making them the most affordable option for window tinting.


Sedans, Utes, and Small SUVs/4WDs,

Medium-sized vehicles typically
include sedans and smaller SUVs or 4WDs. These vehicles have more window space than the smaller cars, and thus require more materials and time for window tinting. The increased amount of materials and work results in a slightly higher price for window tinting compared to small vehicles.


Large SUVs/4WDs, People Movers

Large vehicles encompass larger SUVs or 4WDs, people movers (minivans). These vehicles have the most window space and may also have more complex window shapes, which can add to the difficulty and time required for the tinting process. Therefore, window tinting for large vehicles is typically the most expensive due to the larger amount of material required and the increased labor involved.


Amanda Price

" A very friendly gentleman and work completed on time and within quote, overall a very good job "

Mark Wallis

" Awesome service. Great product "

Garry Crough

" Can't recommend Coolaz high enough !

Chris and Tara , thank you both. lifetime guarantee will be a good reason for a social visit "


" Chris and his team do a great job. I would highly recommend. My wife and I have had our Jimny and BT50 tinted with Chris. He also detailed, cut/polish and ceramic coated my skyline for Jumpers and Jazz '23. It made it look brand new, it was amazing. Photos don't really do it justice. Very happy with the team's work! "


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